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LI-NING Halbertec 8000 Badminton Racket

RM 829.00

Package includes:      1 x LI-NING Halbertec 8000 Badminton Racket

                                   1 x String

                                   1 x Yonex Overgrip (AC102EX)

String option available as below: 

BG6, BG65, BG65 TI, BG66, BG66 UM, BG66 Force, BG66 Brilliant, BG80, BG80 Power, NBG95, NBG98, NBG99, Aerobite, Aerobite Boost, Aerosonic, Skyarc, Lining No.1, Lining No.1 Boost, Victor VBS63, Victor VBS66N, Toalson Ion65, Maxbolt MBS63, Maxbolt MBS66.

Let us know your preferred string tension!!


Color: Green/Pink
Release Date: 2022 Q4
Frame: Med Carbon Fiber; Size 355-360cm)
Grip: T1100+ Polyurethane + non woven (First in Tectonic line)
3U G5; 4U G5
Full Length: 675mm
Grip Length: 215mm
Grip size: S2
Flex: Hard (Similar to BladeX700, softer than BladeX800)
Balance Point: 301mm
Tech: 6.8mm Hark Flexible Shaft; T1100 + TB NAno + High Desnsity Carbon Fiber; ACC-Rif Tech; HDF Shock Absorption System
As a premium badminton, the Li Ning Halbertec 8000 is used by Fu Haifeng.