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MIZUNO Wave Fang 2 Badminton Shoes

RM 425.00

MODEL: 71GA231325

WEIGHT: 320g

USP: This shoe provides stability, cushioning, and support for 16.5/28.5mm smooth lunge movements unlike anything offered by competing companies.

TARGET CONSUMER: For players who want to hit powerful shots in a stable position. For players seeking stability underfoot and when taking shots.


Get the power and stability you've always wanted in this shoe with all-new enhanced features. The flat sole design offers better stability than ever before, with an outrigger for quicker turns. Using signature Foam Wave instead of a Wave Plate provides excellent softness. MIZUNO ENERZY CORE at the forefoot also offers amazing cushioning and energy return.


~Support for powerful playing through the end of the game

~Flat sole with enhanced stability

Achieves the amazing stability of the Fang series by adopting a flat sole. An outrigger is also equipped on the

side of the little toe at the forefoot, supporting stability during quick turns.

~Smoother lunging motions are supported through the design with a protruding heel area. Excellent cushioning

and energy return

~Excellent cushioning is achieved through the placement of the protruding heel structure and the thicker

midsole. Plus, Foam Wave instead of the Wave Plate used to date provides enhanced softness, and

loading MIZUNO ENERZY CORE at the forefoot achieves enhanced cushioning and energy return. This helps

players make smoother lunges and smoother return motions post-lunge. The shoe also provides enhanced

cushioning and stability support through the placement of EVA at two different levels of hardness at the